Happy Clients

You should always consider your impact on those around, and as an entrepreneur, one of my chief goals is always spreading joy and the tools to success with others—I mean why else would I invest in a business if I wasn't also investing in your happiness!


Dawn has helped my family get amazing low cost insurance for a family of 4 & she was able to get me and my husband awesome vision insurance. She is super sweet and works hard to help us at anything we might need! I so recommend her for you and your families needs! Anytime you need her she’s there! Thank you Dawn!

— Shanna S

I met with Dawn to discuss my future in regards to retirement and infinite banking. I was blown away by the information she provided me. I am a very visual person and so is she so she really broke it down for me to visually see and explained everything to my understanding. She was willing to go over all my options so I can make the BEST decision for my future. I feel so much better meeting with her and I know without a doubt I'm in good hands.

— Janea S

Dawn will give you undivided attention and the details you need to make a difference in changing your life around.

— Kristin M

I've worked closely with Dawn for a number of years and in that time, I have seen first-hand her experience, dedication and authentic interest in helping people prepare for a prosperous future with financial strategies and self-improvement planning. Dawn is incredibly skilled at explaining complex, abstract issues and more importantly solutions to things like helping entrepreneurs offer their staff benefits—she is a undoubtedly a great asset in any financial planning and future wealth goals!

She is genuinely a great partner, friend and business owner who is interested in truly empowering and educating those around her with pragmatic fiscal solutions and strategies—It's been great working with you Dawn!

— SinJin H

Great customer service, willing to take the time to answer questions and make sure your needs are met. Really makes you feel like you’re part of the family.

— Dominick M

Dawn has helped my family financially and health wise. I'm so glad we connected and we are truly better off with having her help. If you are looking for affordable health care that you can actually use she is your gal. We switched a month ago and my kids have been sick from starting daycare and this insurance saved us and helped them to get the best care without us worrying about cost. Thank you Dawn!

— Patricia S