“Travel. It’s one of the few things you buy that actually makes you richer.”
— Anonymous

Happy Clients

You should always consider your impact on those around, and as an entrepreneur, one of my chief goals is always spreading joy and the tools to success with others—I mean why else would I invest in a business if I wasn't also investing in your happiness!


Dawn & John,
I just received the coolest email! I booked an all-inclusive trip to Cancun, and as a college student you know I am on a budget…Well, because I am a member my flight was reduced $100 dollar and credited back to my credit card! My friend also received $100 dollars back! We leave in a week and that just placed spending money in my pocket!

— Chris T

My membership is awesome! I could never have afforded to go to Cancun without the value and saving.. And the Experience—it is just amazing! I will not travel any other way but this way!

— Brian L

My one year anniversary as a member is here, and all the money I have paid in I get back to go on a vacation! I love the vacation saving account idea! Looking at Colorado now!

— Taylour B

Dawn & John,
Our first dream trip was to Cancun where we were treated like rock stars. They had a shuttle bus to take us to the resort. When we arrived at the resort and because of the membership they took care of everything for us. They had a room set aside just for the dream trippers to registration they had a meet and greet with buffet style food. They had dance parties every night we were there. This was a 5-star all inclusive. If you've not had a vacation that was a 5-star all inclusive then my friend you have not vacation right way. Make the rest of your life the best of your life.

— Rene W

Dawn and John,
Thank you!
We have taken 8 DreamTrips in 17 months; we've saved about $8,000, we have experienced more than just a vacation! We have Earned Rovia bucks to help pay for our trips!! You're going to travel any way you might as well save money so you can do it more often!

— Jennifer H