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Want to know how to travel more? Free yourself from debt and establish financial freedom? Interested in gaining access to free legal services, free road side assistance and a community of like-minded individuals? 

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Estate Planning Services

Leaving something for our children, family and friends is always swirling around in our mind. Even if it's not a constant thought, there's a subconscious motivation to build something better that we can share and eventually pass on to those we love. When you partner with us, we'll get you set up with qualified professionals to help you with everything from creating a will and setting up a trust to discerning your most valuable assets and ensuring their security for your family. 

Monetary Resolution Services

From financial freedom from debt to establishing extra stable sources of steady income, our program is committed to helping you realize your financial goals. Utilizing our resources, extensive pool of financial experts and access to our community, we'll help you establish, plan and reach your fiscal goals!

Personal Growth Experiences

Whether you're interested exploring your spiritual side on a private retreat or sharing a time of growth on a couples' travel package to Hawaii, our program is committed to helping you realize and become your best self with all the resources we have to offer you in achieving your dreams! We are your partners in growth and creating the life you truly want.

White Glove Concierge

Remember the movie scenes where hotel and flight attendants knew guests by their first name? The guest were catered to and any issues that arose were resolved with a phone call and genuine joy. Well it's no longer just a movie scene! When you partner with Dawn and become a mentor member, you'll gain access to a private, 1-on-1 concierge line for all of your travel necessities. No recordings or automated lines, you'll chat with a real person to speedily resolve any issues or answer any questions!

Extensive Legal Services

Have you ever had a legal question and just wanted to probe how it should be handled, what the cost of a legal endeavor may be, or how you file for establishing businesses and protecting your family? That's where our free, extensive legal services come in handy. If you have a question, across any legal subject matter, you can contact one of our exclusive legal professionals for free!

Private Like-minded Community

Even in the age of social media, it's easy to feel like an outsider in such a seemingly inclusive world. Don't worry, you're not alone! In fact, that's one of the chief things our mentor members love, joining our private community of like-minded individuals interested in building and sharing something better for themselves, their families and loved ones. 

Exclusive Travel Discounts

Naturally, the amazing, exclusive travel discounts our mentor members receive is easily one of their favorite perks of the programs. From drastically discounted hotels, lowered car rental rates, and all-inclusive options at 5-star resorts and hotels—as well as competitively priced airfare—you'll soon be traveling to your dream destinations at a reasonable price in extraordinary luxury. Let's start building your legacy and creating memories you'll treasure. 

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