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Dawn Levis

As a mother, mentor, coach and traveler of the world, being able to live and work by my rules, and the needs of my lovely family, is huge to me. That's why my mission has transformed to help others protect what matters most to them, create a legacy, and learn to make a living by truly living. My passion in mentoring and helping others achieve their dreams is the fuel that lights my entrepreneurial fire and determination to help you start living the life you deserve. 

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As an entrepreneur, mother and coach, it's always important to me that my work is filled with purpose, not only for my clients but for my immediate community and the world at large as well! 

That's why I've partnered with Trulight 127 Ministries, an amazing, faith-based foster and adoption organization, as well as A21, a nonprofit actively involved in the fight to end modern day slavery and human trafficking. When we partner, a portion of your funds go to support these organizations in their mission to bring about change in the world.